Retail & Apparel Management System

ACUBE RMS is complete, customizable retail inventory management software designed to improve the tracking of items and inventories within the warehouses, Distribution Centers and Stores using the latest EPC GEN 2 UHF RFID technology that allows Clients to significantly improve the visibility, security and utilization of the inventory. Knowing where your inventories are and when they move, helps you gain more control and streamline your operations. Acube RFID System can be integrated seamlessly with Clients existing business applications and IT infrastructure to provide comprehensive and current information about the location, status and condition of your inventories.

  • Solution Provides :

    • System can scan upto 400 items/second using Android and iOS Smartphones without line of sight.
    • Most Comprehensive and user friendly system for managing all aspects of retail operations and powerful reporting.
    • Improve Labour productivity , eliminate loss, Reduce purchase and Lower expenses.
    • Increasing visibility to sale data and inventory levels help speeds accurate on shelf replenishment and ensure Right size – Right style.
    • Minimizes Out of Stocks and Increases Revenue potential.
    • RFID – enabled Smart fitting Rooms ,RFID enabled POS , RFID Enabled Real Time Monitoring System and More.