RFID Warehouse & Inventory Management

ACUBE RFID Warehouse Retail Inventory Management System can facilitate the automation of all manual processes within the warehouse. The system will prove beneficial to the company as it aims to reduce paperwork, eliminate human error and improve data accuracy, gain more control over the warehouse, increase speed and labor utilization, as well as to provide instant inventory and other types of pertinent reports. This Warehouse Inventory Management System is integrated with Radio Frequency technology that has the ability to communicate with specialized tags that are embedded in pallets, shelves, inventories and various locations (e.i. ingress and egress points) within the warehouse. RFID tags are attached to products in the warehouse. These tags wirelessly broadcast information about the product itself and its location; thus, providing accurate and real-time product identification in the supply chain management and warehouse operations.

  • Solution Provides :

      • Information Availability in real time with status updates of reciepts,manufacturing requests, and customer orders.
      • Labour Pacing made Easy system can communicate task for an operator based on metrics and instructions applied (e.g. priority queue, capability of operator, schedule of tasks, etc.).
      • Shrinkage can be reduced with secure, item-level goods tracking, assuring that items only leave the location when authorized.
      • Ensure quality control and forecast purchases.
    • Aging of inventory based on wash cycles and days active.