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  • Aviation

    Radio Frequency Identification is an innovative technology that is gradually being used in business and industry. It provides massive economic benefits for both business and consumers while simultaneously potentially constituting one of the most invasive surveillance technologies threatening consumer privacy. RFID technology offers benefits to the Aviation industry…More

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil and gas industry is benefiting from advancements in RFID systems and applications on fronts such as optimized operations, lower running cost, increased human safety and better asset management control. It has been already listed the most important applications of RFID systems in this industry…More

  • Retail & Apparels

    RFID is growing rapidly because it helps well-run retailers and brands dramatically improve inventory accuracy and visibility at retail and through the supply chain.The impact is improved inventory productivity, margins, store operations execution, and the overall customer experience…More

  • Hospitality

    RFID in hospitality industry as a tool for improving service quality, customer satisfaction, market share, and profitability.RFID has found answers to the problems and challenges that the hospitality industry is facing, thus improving the overall customer experience and profitability of the service providers…More

  • Construction

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a proven technology for tracking valuable assets and addressing operational challenges – representing a new way for the construction industry to do business. RFID plays a pivotal role in improving accuracy and productivity in all phases of the construction process including Planning, Building, Maintenance and Operating…More

  • Education

    Education sector projected as being one of the important in terms of contribution to the society needs to be equipped with the latest technologies that best serves its purpose.RFID solution keeps both the school authority and parents well informed about the activities of each children…More

  • Healthcare

    RFID has proven its worth in healthcare and continues to improve procedures and enhance workflows across a variety of areas, including Medication Management ,Equipment Tracking ,Patient/Staff Workflow,Departmental Loss Prevention etc…MMore

  • Automation

    Automation and manufacturing incorporates RFID technology to streamline industrial manufacturing processes to increase productivity, safety and security. RFID transponders calibrate and track equipment use, repair and maintenance efficiently…More

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