Electronic Toll Collection System

Electronic Toll Collection System

What is Electronic Toll Collection System?

This papaer entitled Electronic Toll Collection System primarily based on Radio Frequncy Identification System defined in detail primarily based on contemporary difficulty at toll collection gadget. There are a few barriers faced every day where the users spent their precious time in queue at tollgate because of visitors congestion in addition to using traditional manual approach in most present toll ETC gadget to acquire toll from avenue users. Besides that, the barrier layout wherein every vehicle prevent waiting until barrier raise which remember source of time delay. To tackle stated problems, an digital toll collection gadget is proposed which primarily based on RFID technology. The integrated device includes two predominant sections, digital sides where all input records acquired from even as database management workplace is wherein all necessary information stored. To examine the modern-day ETC gadget, in this research elaborated internet of things where all records transmit thru cloud after which to the principle workplace in actual time. Not simplest that, there's some enhancement based totally on barrier design wherein, gate is remained open for all cars with sufficient tags without requiring to stop to eliminate time delay. By check gadget throughput examine to current toll systems, numerous assessments have been performed in different method in which proposed system throughput much higher percentage the present day device.


Electronic toll collection system is rapidly becoming the maximum popular way for commuters to skip through tolls on highways, expressways, etc. Gone are the times when people used to collect toll fees sitting in booths. The fact that drivers need now not to carry any cash is one of the main reasons why electronic toll gadget has grow to be so popular.

Electronic toll series system may be very rapid and green mode for series of toll costs at the toll plazas. This saves a number of time since cars passing through the toll plaza do now not stop to pay toll and the fee robotically takes area from the account of the vehicle.

There are variety of benefits of Electronic Collection machine, few of them are listed as under:

* Time saving – Electronic toll gadget users do now not prevent for paying toll, this facilitates plenty for saving the journey time

* Emission control — Due to the removal of the acceleration and idling, dangerous vehicular emissions are reduced. Though this benefit simplest have an effect on the surrounding areas, even then it's far extraordinarily beneficial for toll plaza areas. Hence, helps in air pollutant discount.

* Increased Capacity — It is observed that the potential of the lane additionally increases by means of about by means of three folds. The toll plaza might be capable of accommodate the increasing traffic with out extra lanes.

* Accident discount —It is observed that there may be reduction inside the range of coincidence caused near the toll plazas because of enormous decrement in congestion round toll plazas.

* Fuel saving – In digital toll series device deceleration, acceleration and idling is absolutely eliminated. This allows in saving gasoline for destiny purposes. Not best this, it additionally plays a critical position in discount of operating cost of the cars.

* Enhanced coins handing – In electronic toll collection gadget there may be no coins transaction worried so coins coping with is reduced so difficulties with coins managing is eliminated. This aids in superior audit manipulate through centralizing person accounts.

* Payment flexibility – In digital toll collection system, the commuters do no longer need to fear about attempting to find coins for the toll charge. Since they installation an account for ETC usage, which gives clients the flexibility of paying their toll invoice with cards.

* Congestion discount — The toll transaction charge is surprisingly increased due to the usage of Toll Collection systems. Since the automobiles do not stop on the toll facility. This has decreased the congestion of the toll plaza in a sizeable manner. The wide variety of motors waiting within the queue reduces and as a result the average waiting time is likewise reduced.

* Enhanced records series — Information which include car count of the day, date, time etc may be obtained because of the deployment of this digital toll collection system.

In this age, wide range of deployment of ETC has a top notch effect upon the toll enterprise worldwide. Tolling strategies consisting of high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes would have been not possible without this technology. The capability to charge transportation through time of day, mainly in urban areas, offers many possibilities to improve tour behavior.