• RFID Asset Tracking

    RFID Asset Tracking

    ACUBE Activo RFID Asset Tracking System

    RFID asset tracking systems have been unveiled as a bankable technology for any business which endeavors for a complete RFID asset tracking of their assets. As any business expands the need for RFID asset tagging rises propositionally as it is laborious to trace and monitor fixed and movable assets right from its procurement all the way through to retirement. A proficient RFID asset tracking software eases to identify the movement and location of assets and provides complete asset tagging solutions around its lifespan.

    ACUBE RFID IT asset tracking system utilizes the possibilities of RFID technology to detect and locate numerous assets at once without requiring a line of sight with great accuracy. RFID asset tracking solution yields 100% data integrity helps in recognizing the right product, in the right place, and at the right time. ACUBE RFID asset tracking App substantially increases profit graph and staff productivity by minimizing operational costs to help in gaining more satisfied clients across UAE.

    ACUBE is one of the influential RFID asset tagging solution providers that help simplify your business no matter the kind, size, or industry your business is classified in. It is vital to monitor asset status extensively in its operational life cycle besides detecting and spot efficiently by adopting ACUBE RFID asset tracking solutions. Real-time updated information will be available by establishing communication of RFID asset tracking devices with your network. Voice, biometric and RFID automation are configurable with existing business applications or ERPs for enhancing business compliance, user safety, and asset monitoring. Our proven experience in RFID asset tagging solutions emphasizes on quality and reliability of equipment asset tags across the UAE.

    ACUBE offers EPC global UHF Class1 Gen2 hybrid passive asset tracking App to boost product visibility and traceability in the BAK facility.
    RFID provides the key benefits in the following ways.
    ● Productivity:- Quick and precise data gathering by utilizing RFID handy reader and automated UHF RFID fixed reader accompanying RFID asset tags UAE
    ● Accuracy:- Easy integration with ERP helps in formulating reports by eliminating human error.
    ● Compliance:- Timely, accurate financial and management reporting.
    ● Accountability:- Impose individual liability on company assets.

    ACUBE RFID asset tracking software becomes an alternative to traditional manual toil into an automated process aided by RFID asset tracking tags. The type of RFID reader and RFID asset tag should cautiously be selected upon the nature of the asset and reading distance it needs to be scanned. It involves tagging of properties with RFID asset tags that hold antennas and a chip establishes communication within the client’s facility. ACUBE IT asset tracking device with RFID asset tracking software-focused to minimize documentation by substantially reducing human errors usually inherent in the manual audit to have an outstanding increase in efficiency and operational cost-benefit.

    It gains more asset control, data accuracy, manpower deployment, and helps to deliver information in a timely and reliable way with instant inventory reports at any point in time. Real-time product data and asset location are provided by electronically broadcasting information with these RFID asset tracking tags. ACUBE asset tracking App is ideal for improving asset maintenance and efficacy on the application of RFID tagging solution.

    As a market leader in UAE, ACUBE has succeeded to render flourishing RFID asset tracking solutions having specialized equipment asset tags with improved safety and throughput on your budget for many years in the past. We always focus on modern technology with the latest equipment asset tags as the development in this sector is at a phenomenal rate and this helps ACUBE to gain more prestigious clients in the field of RFID asset tagging solutions.

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    Benefits And Features

    Real-time control and regulation

    All activities about RFID asset tracking are controlled and registered in real-time.

    Instant registration

    Quite fast and computerized recording of asset movements whether in transit or warehouses with location status.


    Correct whereabouts of equipment asset tags could be identified by multiple RFID readers and antennas to help gain real-time and exact location details.


    You will get notified of dates as well as other key aspects specifically for RFID IT asset tracking.

    Eliminate futile work

    Unprofitable work can be eliminated from the recorded data by the operator to help abolish administrative functions which don’t boost asset value.


    Remote asset movements can also be traced as and when you go for it.

    Factual understanding of the situation

    Exact information of the asset would be provided whether dispossession or pilferage.

    Record of Physical conditions

    With correct RFID asset tracking devices, asset conditions can easily be obtained even from hazardous, critical processes and products.

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    Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.

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