• RFID Baggage Tracking

    RFID Baggage Tracking


    ACUBE RFID baggage tracking system is a robust, reliable, and thrifty solution that employs radio frequency identification (RFID) helps in suspected baggage tracking which can be customized and track the luggage of passengers in Airports by using RFID luggage tags UAE. RFID baggage tracking UAE is deploying an ACUBE RFID baggage tracking solution that imparts real-time baggage information right from check-in to loading and indicates any discrepancies found from the boarded passenger’s data by integrating Barcode and RFID technology. An advanced baggage tracking method giving phenomenal solutions to ensure complete protection of your belongings.

    By incorporating ACUBE RFID luggage tags in Dubai, a sustainable, cost-efficient, customer-centric baggage operation is achievable with a fully operational simplicity that minimizes human intervention all over the baggage journey. As we can see RFID baggage tracking is an umpteen and complex process right from the passenger reporting at the airports, the prospect of mishandling or errors inherent in human intervention is inevitable. We ACUBE rectifies it by delivering sophisticated RFID baggage tracking UAE and around.

    ACUBE RFID luggage tracking system is devised in compliance with end-to-end monitoring all-around luggage movements even in suspected baggage tracking with an intelligent RFID technology-powered database management and specially designed RFID checkpoints aids in integrated setup. At ACUBE, rest assured that your operations would be enhanced by the comprehensive RFID luggage tracking system interface that encompasses all aspects and data that need to be tracked. Abolishes system outages with exceptionally reliable tracking information and automated monitoring can be viable besides its up-gradation for extra compatibilities and new scan points by making use of RFID baggage tracking UAE offered by ACUBE.

    How does our System Solution work?

    By adopting RFID technology in the RFID luggage tracking system, readers use radio waves to store and register high precision data on RFID microchips affixed onto passenger’s baggage. All these RFID luggage tags would be scanned at the dedicated checkpoints even from a certain distance without requiring a line of sight that delivers enhanced tracking and transparency.

    RFID luggage tags Dubai exerts both handheld and fixed scanners/readers to detect and spot even for any suspected baggage tracking as it can move along bag assembling systems. A maximum count of thousand RFID luggage tags in a second can be scanned by using readers, eventually saving processing time.

    RFID luggage tracking system software designed by ACUBE can communicate luggage data with the airport and airline systems as it is compatible and configurable with your existing business application. Passengers will be notified of the baggage status via mobile alerts.

    As a leading RFID solution providing company serving in and around UAE for outages for a few decades, ACUBE assures one of the finest RFID luggage tracking systems within your budget.

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    Benefits And Features

    Delivers highly genuine read rates of over 99% without human intervention both at departure and arrival points.

    RFID luggage tags and readers don’t prompt a line of sight.

    Substantial savings on operational costs as its tracking cost is less as compared to barcode systems.
    RFID luggage tags can be scanned from meters away.

    Ideal solution for suspected baggage tracking by employing automated RFID baggage tracking eliminates manual toil thereby the operational costs.

    Simple and cost-efficient scan points can be installed.

    Improves efficiency by reducing baggage mishandling hence minimizing the cost of mishandled baggage.

    Our modern RFID readers can read RFID luggage tags although they are folded, wet, or facing from an incorrect side yields an accuracy of 99%, contrary to barcode tags.

    Customers will get notified of their baggage on and off the aircraft by message alerts.

    Quick inventory and tracking down of single luggage is made easy by RFID baggage tracking UAE.

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