• Jewelita – Cloud Jewelry Management Software

    Jewelita – Cloud Jewelry Management Software

    About Jewelita

    Jewelita is a cloud-based software platform that enables jewellers to manage inventories, generate invoice, accept payments, and garner insights into their business in real time. Jewelita is simple to set up, works with a wide range of point-of-sale devices and operates on any web-capable devices. Jewelita is an E-invoicing system compliance with Zakat, Tax & Customs Authority.

    Benefits And Features

    Business Data Analytics

    Jewelita Business Analytics module runs on the cloud available on SaaS platform. Extract and analyze reports to track customer preferences, identify product viewership patterns and match them against sales, weed out slow moving products, rewards performing employees etc.

    Manage Stock Efficiently

    Jewelita optimises your inventory efficiently and track everything that you keep in stock. It also helps to identify dead stock and also allows strategic management of your inventory needs.


    Jewelita has fully pre-configured E-invoicing solution to help jewellers comply with regulations of Zakat, Tax & Customs authorities of Saudi Arabia with seamless integration.

    Enhanced User Experience

    Jewelita has a simle user-friendly interface with a well organized screen. It provides enhanced user experience and exceptional productivity. Jewelita offers a variety of modules tailored to customer’s needs. The system learns your procesess while optimizing and automating their management.

    Hybrid System REID

    Jewelita is compatible with both Barcode and RFID technologies. The system is scalable to upgrade from Barcode to RFID with no coding.

    Increase Sales Conversions

    Jewelita’s advanced RFID management system helps jewelry retailers to convert more sales & increase client’s experience with digital tools.

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