• RFID Event Management

    RFID Event Management


    It is a strenuous task to efficiently manage and control an enormous congregation without appropriate measures. It can only be triumphed by adopting the possibilities of the latest technologies.
    ACUBE RFID event tracking system is one of the peerless RFID event solutions available to manage crowded events across the UAE. The use of RFID technology with RFID event badges powered by the ACUBE RFID event management system is a top-notch RFID event tracking solution to collect business intelligence in the events such as conferences, trade shows, corporate events, and other gatherings. RFID delegate tracking offers accurate data analysis and great visibility essential for taking correct decisions during any event registration in Dubai in all its stages. All attendees who have given UHF RFID event badges are free to roam around the sessions like seminars, product demos, and other stalls without keyed up about being checked or stopped as they would be continuously monitored by correctly installed RFID antennas and readers. RFID event solution can help event organizers to track every stall activity and plan the scope of supplemental revenue by electronic individual attendee monitoring incorporating RFID wristbands.
    ACUBE RFID event registration system is a far-reaching solution that delivers in key areas like access control, enhanced marketing potential, and business Intelligence. ACUBE RFID event solution can render an unparalleled RFID delegate tracking experience for all your upcoming events when you pick us as the RFID event management solution provider. We, ACUBE have taken the RFID event registration to a next level with our infallible, unique and professional software as we deliver numerous types of RFID event badges suitable for requirements like parties, conferences, exhibitions, amusement parks, live concerts, games, and a lot more. The required degree of customization can be achievable by implementing enhanced features in our event registration Dubai software, thereby using products such as RFID event badges, RFID wristbands, and smart RFID cards, eventually making RFID delegate tracking immensely handy and easy rewarding and satisfying experience.
    ACUBE delivers,
    ● ACUBE RFID Event Management Software
    ● ACUBE RFID Tags/Wristbands
    ● RFID Readers
    An outstanding event management experience can be delivered by gathering extensive attendance data for business analysis with these key components in the event registration Dubai. RFID delegate tracking automates the visitor’s attendance and enhances promotional strategies to help you know the guest interactions without human intervention.

    ACUBE RFID event solution streamlines the attendance data with time stamping, regulates traffic flow within various event stalls by separate tracking. Our RFID wristbands can also be used as cashless transactions besides offering smooth access by eliminating longer queues. All visitors who hold RFID event badges or RFID wristbands are recorded with the exact date, time, location, and direction by our RFID smart gates which are fundamentally an RFID reader or scanner.
    Tracking of the important personnel and their access or limited access to any critical and private areas specified in an event or gatherings are also viable by incorporating ACUBE RFID event solutions. Individual attendee tracing is also doable despite them often to any location within the event center.

    What is involved in ACUBE Event Management Solution?

    All the Attendees and visitors have distributed badges in the form of wearable RFID wristbands, RFID event badges, or lanyard badges right at the event registration area where individual data of guests would be registered to spot VIPs among the crowd. Multiple RFID event badges even several hundreds of RFID wristbands can instantly be scanned without time lagging as RFID technology doesn’t prompt a line of sight.
    Automated reading of attendees who wear RFID event badges is achieved by transmitting the signal from the tags to the RFID readers deployed in all vital spots within the event location like entrance, exit, and every single stall. Reading and recording of guest data will be carried out when they roam across these RFID readers.
    ACUBE RFID event management software is so designed that to import all information of attendees who either wear an ACUBE RFID event badge or RFID wristband can transmit data in the form of radio waves. The data recorded help us to control access to VIP lounges or club-level seatings in addition to monitoring visitor’s stay duration, peak times of guests, traffic flow, event hotspots, and real-time individual tracking occurring in RFID delegate tracking.

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    Benefits And Features

    Real-time data makes your operations quick and simple.

    Widens the VIP experience.

    Simplifies check-in process.

    Go cashless

    Get guest insights quickly for analysis and reporting.

    Accurate tracking of attendees irrespective of programs.

    Error-free attendance reporting on each session.

    Controlled access to restricted areas.

    Improved performance by minimizing counterfeit tickets and more revenue.

    Provides return of attendance.

    Aids in direct marketing

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