• RFID Jewellery Management

    RFID Jewellery Management


    ACUBE JIMS is an innovative RFID Tag-based jewellery management system to administer stock and product movement in the jewellery and diamond industry. This ingenious RFID Tag tracking tool lets clients smooth counting items, which accelerates regular stock updates reflecting on the employee productivity curve in RFID jewellery management UAE. Help jewellers focus on invoicing, consignment transfer and jewellery trading by employing the best RFID jewellery inventory tracking system available across UAE.

    ACUBE RFID Tag jewellery inventory solution is a comprehensive package to track and monitor real-time jewellery inventory, jewellery e-catalogue features and RFID smart tray module. As one of the notable RFID Tag jewellery inventory management solution providers in Dubai, we render an unparalleled service in the jewellery and diamond industry with futuristic RFID technology. ACUBE JIMS is cloud-based RFID software in line with clients system definition. Its modular architecture versatility eases the client to perform future improvements or restyling as per the requirements as it could be perfectly integrated with present ERPs.


    ACUBE JIMS caters a sophisticated jewellery inventory management software to curtail the tedious efforts and man-hours in maintaining and accounting for precious metal assets in the jewellery store. ACUBE JIMS offer long-range RFID tags mounted onto each product that can be scanned from a certain distance to get the product information linked with the respective tag. RFID jewellery management software Dubai is accessible by PC or tablet from retail shops to store all the transmitted product data.

    Since the ACUBE RFID jewellery management system functions on an automatic data capture technique with special readers and tags, it doesn’t prompt the users to scan individual articles from its proximity to track, identify and sort. It avoids possible errors like misplacement, loss and theft from individual product scanning to save time. The device can quickly read 1000 items in a second even from a few meters away.

    As one of the prominent cloud-based UHF RFID jewellery management solutions from ACUBE, inventory track and control from anywhere is a viable process with internet access. It can be integrated with existing inventory management systems for plug and play operations as it is custom-built to have real-time decisions and data. The count of each item off the shelves being recorded on the display from the stock area helps boost the business by gathering customer shopping behaviour and details with the RFID jewellery inventory management system. ACUBE employs EPC global UHF class1 gen2 RFID highly secured tags which embody company name, product name, price, barcode, weight and other data as per client’s demand.

    What is involved in JIMS RFID tagging?

    ACUBE RFID jewellery management UAE delivers many features required in jewellery tracking, encompassing real-time inventory monitoring, swift stock audit, register filterability, jewellery analytics, dashboards, and exhibition module. Android-based stock-taking and diamond inventory management are also doable by utilizing jewellery management software designed by ACUBE. You can keep track of jewellery inventory at any moment as it is a real-time updating database solution for jewellery management.

    RFID jewellery tag printing is a meticulous process with separate tag encoding being carried out. You can choose the best-suited tag for an article from our RFID tag library. Handy RFID readers with various inbuilt modules for multiple applications or fixed readers can be used for scanning on the rack or stock room. A LAN is used to establish communication between the inventory database and the reader.

    If Searching for uplifting the jewellery retail business by collecting shopping habits and inventory data at a glance, ACUBE RFID JIMS you can bet on.

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    Benefits And Features

    Time and Effort Saving

    Checking on the inventory is one of the most time and effort consuming task which can be subjugated by scanning any number of items in fraction of seconds, providing 100% accuracy
    Manpower needed for stock verification can be reduced, thus, saving labor expenses.
    Each jewellery item need not be handled separately for scanning purpose thus preserving their durability and beauty longer

    Security Management

    Since the Scans are done frequently, risk of mislaying an item is reduced.
    Any missed out tagged items can be located without any delay as the software tracks each tags position in the store.

    Foolproof software and module

    The jewellery management software is designed to be user-friendly and time saving.
    The software provides an increased visibility over the stock since it can be accessed anytime and anywhere around the world.

    Enhance customer experience

    Acube JIMS gives a quick access to a detailed inventory with information about which items are selling, best thus empowering your retail business with a detail knowledge of customer shopping behavior within the store.


    ACUBE RFID Smart Tray enhances shopping by placing a product on it showing respective product details. The smart tray also shortlists jewellery with an e-catalogue. Every customer dealings are transferred to ACUBE analytics dashboard after being recorded by RFID smart reader and jeweller to get to know trends and popularity of specific product on ERP system.


    ACUBE RFID Smart Box secures jewellery and diamond items and can remotely track and verify from anywhere. It alerts when anyone has accessed the box and records the tagged items when removed or added.

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