• RFID Laundry Management System

    RFID Laundry Management System


    ACUBE RFID Laundry tracking solution integrates the modern RFID uniform system to dexterously manipulate RFID laundry operations in industries like hospitals, hotels, and institutions where it plays an imperative role to have clean linen, workwear, janitor supplies, or medical garments. Our ships shape launderable RFID tags for laundry and program streamlines and robotize laundry operations by delivering real-time data to help uniform systems track large volumes with great accuracy and speed.
    ACUBE linen inventory Management System automatically tracks and manages uniforms from purchase and daily use till the last dump. The uniforms and linens with laundry RFID tags are scanned and let be automatically tracked, counted, and identified for each garment status update.


    ACUBE LMS offers the finest RFID linen management, RFID uniform management, RFID laundry management solution for laundry tracking any garments for quality standards throughout its cycle would help forecast purchase. RFID laundry tracking solution is deployable globally for anti-theft and linen inventory management aided by RFID textile tags, RFID uniform tags, and RFID tags for laundry.
    Assets like towels, bedsheets, linens used by hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals, offices where ACUBE delivers highly compatible Datamars RFID tags for laundry. These launderable RFID tags are suitable to use on customer-owned and rental garment businesses like theatres, fancy dress studios, etc.
    ACUBE LMS software can access the transmitted unique product information embodied on RFID tags for laundry by using a PC or tablet from your business space. Automatic Data Capture Technology is exerted by ACUBE laundry track with radiofrequency waves to trace and track the entire linen inventory in one go by RFID readers instead of individual article scanning. Modern RFID devices are capable of reading RFID tags for laundry from meters away around 1000 tags/second and it saves time and effort to enhance staff output.
    ACUBE being distinguished cloud-based RFID linen and uniform system solutions providing establishment serving across UAE, laundry track and control of your linen inventory within reach from anywhere is feasible. The custom-tailored modular design of ACUBE RFID laundry tracking provides users the flexibility to choose the options they look for. It can seamlessly be integrated with existing ERP to save additional expenses.
    ACUBE LMS is the best to manage rental and client-owned RFID linen inventory to sort and track by themselves and organize uniform systems by using an RFID laundry tracking system. Usage and aging of linens and uniforms are persistently monitored by using laundry RFID to keep ensuring quality excellence. It drastically minimizes the man-hours and cost required for individual sorting and counting of garments, thus it propels your operations on the evolution of ACUBE RFID laundry.

    What is involved in LMS tagging?

    Garments with washable RFID tags for laundry hold logos need extra care during the mounting process. A variety of RFID laundry tags are available to meet the varying needs of clients. The data after scanning any linen is being transmitted to the LMS application with WiFi connectivity. Either a handy or fixed RFID reader would be employed to crack the distinctive data on each laundry RFID tag is uploaded on the database where real-time report generation at any stage is also a viable process. Information may be RFID laundry items and their quantity.
    Attributes of LMS system.
    ● Automatic linen and uniform tracing system
    ● Track of laundry item’s location, count, and type.
    ● Provide exact wash count records.

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    Benefits And Features

    Time and Effort saving

    Manual counting and sorting is a tiresome and tedious task. RFID readers eliminate these common difficulties with high precision to help save labor charges.

    Prevent losses

    Mislaying of an item can be eliminated as all the laundry movements are registered. It eases to identify any omitted linens from its place with no time. Eliminates billing errors by reconciling linen inventory counts by an automated process.

    Know your laundry

    Ensure quality and safety of linens from its wash counts by being able to count without opening each pack.

    Manageable software and modules

    ACUBE LMS is a cloud-based application letting users remotely access as and when needed

    Linen types, quantities, sizes by location

    Staff responsibilities, values, and uniform assignments

    Quick deliveries and neat collections with accuracy

    Ensure quality and purchase calculations

    Garment aging based on laundry cycles and usage thresholds

    Products Used

    IMPINJ R420

    Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.

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    IMPINJ R220

    Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.

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    Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.

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