• RFID File & Library Management

    RFID File & Library Management


    RFID technology is an indispensable constituent in the contemporary file and library management system that serves as a key area of inventory management, self-service ensuring theft prevention. ACUBE FMS is an RFID-based document and file management system that has gained outstanding recognition among various libraries. It lets individuals spot items precisely and quickly with no time irrespective of their location. A surfeit of popular RFID systems is available for library and file management solutions across UAE, having said that ACUBE FMS would stand out by rendering its smashing solutions, thereby streamlining the workflow. ACUBE FMS escalates the staff productivity permitting man-hours in more effective ways.

    ACUBE RFID library management system is an automated solution in organizing, maintaining, and keeping books systematically even in large volumes. By adopting ACUBE LMS, it is effortless to locate, issue or reissue books very quickly and manage library data in order and efficiency.
    ACUBE LMS is a unique and comprehensive robotization for entire in-house library operations no matter what the size of the library is. LMS secures a foolproof, integrated, and adaptable solution for libraries making it the most demanding software. We ACUBE a leader in delivering RFID solutions in library management in and around the UAE, delivers tractable, instinctive, and efficient software for library management designed in line with your operations and environment. All the current technologies like cloud hosting, mobile app, tablet, SMS, email, UHF RFID, secured payment gateway, etc. are supported by the client-server variant of ACUBE LMS.

    LMS helps to maintain a database providing precise and quick information regarding new books and books borrowed by others in no time eliminates the manual record burden of patrons.

    How does ACUBE LMS work?

    Tags include microchips and antennas that hold a unique identification code and RFID tagging means writing EPC code to library management application memory which can be programmable to meet client specifications. These tags can be mounted onto or inside the books being tracked wirelessly by using radio waves.

    Each book carries a unique accession number which is defined by the ACUBE LMS RFID tag that needs to be affixed on each item to detect the number of books and their categories on the shelves. The LMS software registers each time when a book is taken out or enters its place. ACUBE LMS eases our clients to find any book with name and author they search without wasting more time.

    By upholding the extensive past expertise in the application of RFID technology in managing assets of any volume of business, we ACUBE infotech continually strives to serve our clients across UAE with out-of-the-box thinking. Prompted by IoT, RFID has evolved as a must-have tracking technique for any business that relies on revenue-generating critical assets, and hence we are.

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    Benefits And Features

    It can be incorporated with the existing system software.

    Rest assured that other library software can also be imported into our ACUBE software without glitches.

    Maintenance-free and guaranteed library software.

    Entirely documented user manual.

    Option for dues and fine calculations.

    Finest inventory management application.

    Backup and restoration facility.

    Reports or data can be exported to word, excel, pdf and text make it handy.

    Prevents duplication of work.

    Ability to scan books without a line of sight required as in barcode

    Multiple book issues/renewals are possible simultaneously.

    Theft prevention and detection are possible in a single operation.

    Quick scanning and identification of books with necessary information.

    Eliminates inherent human errors in manual data gathering by using modern automated processes.

    The automated library enables smooth operations and accurate library data of tagged books to deliver patrons a pleasant experience

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