RFID Healthcare Tracking System

Acube RFID Health Care tracking System provides unique identification of instruments that meets FDA UDI (Unique Device Identification) requirements helps improve operational efficiency and patient safety for each and every procedure — which translates to huge cost savings for health care institutions while increasing operational revenue. In addition, RFID helps CSSD departments follow every tagged instrument in real-time and provides an accurate electronic status record, tracks the performance of each technician, and ensures proper sterilization of all items.

  • Solution Provides :

    • RFID Surgical Equipment Tags can survive more than 1000 Sterilization Cycles.
    • Item-level tracking and unique information for each instrument
    • Smart Cabinet focuses on providing intelligent storage and actionable monitoring for inventories
    • Enhance Patient Care, Increase operational efficiency and Optimize IT Operations.
    • Improve the management of Implantabale Medical devices and Drugs needed during Surgical Procedures.