• RFID Vehicle Tracking System

    RFID Vehicle Tracking System

    ACUBE RFID Vehicle Tracking System

    RFID vehicle tracking system is found to be very efficient in-vehicle monitoring and control. ACUBE RFID vehicle tracking system is one of the premier RFID ETC solution providers serving Highway authorities, free zone authorities, Ports and Facilities, etc. across the UAE. All vehicles with RFID tags can be identified by reading the respective tags even from a certain distance. The electronic toll collection (ETC) system lets the drivers pass without halting and paying money as in the traditional system. Either RFID based toll gate solution or RFID based open road tolling besides Truck tracking system on RFID platform is offered by ACUBE on your budget to enhance the business.

    What is the Electronic Toll Collection System?

    Electronic Toll Collection System is a very efficient and quick mode of collecting toll charges at toll plazas by eliminating commonly found difficulties at the toll gates. However, with ETC implemented at almost all toll gates, large queues and more time-wasting are a few general difficulties due to crowding of vehicles besides manual methodologies incorporating modern ETC accessories for toll collection. Remodelled the electronic toll collection system into digital by adopting RFID technology to enhance the operations by eliminating the time delays.

    The integrated device includes two sections, digital sides where input records acquired from database management workplace wherein all necessary information stores. In this technology-driven era, continual experiments are occurring in the field of the internet of things. All the required records are transmitted to the workstation via the cloud in real-time. Since barrier rise and fall consume considerable time, the new barrier design is implemented with the gate remaining open for all vehicles. This prevents vehicles from stopping if they hold sufficient tags.

    Benefits of Electronic Toll Collection System

    Electronic Toll Collection systems are focused to boost the traffic flow by minimizing the toll transaction time. It lets travellers omit the long waiting at the toll gate. The bygone old method employs a single labourer in the toll booths for cash collection. The modern electronic toll system doesn’t mandate the drivers to carry cash with them as it is completely a cashless smart and quick operation that boosts the toll gadgets tremendously in the public.

    The electronic toll system is very swift and a green model for a series of toll fees at the toll plazas. It allows the vehicle to pass many times without halting instead the accurate charges can electronically be taken from the vehicle’s account.

    ACUBE being a trendsetter in the traffic management sector based on the RFID platform, could influence ETC across UAE. High Occupancy Toll (HOT) was impractical without ETC. It offers multiple possibilities in urban transportation.

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    Benefits And Features


    Electronic toll gadget users are now free to go instead of stopping. This saves more time on the trip.

    Emission Control

    Toxic gas effusions are substantially reduced due to less idling and acceleration time. This helps reduce air pollution in the areas around and the toll plazas too.

    Increased Capacity

    The increase in lanes may approximately by three times as part of the development be able to take in the additional traffic by the existing toll plaza without extra lanes.

    Accident Discount

    Fewer collisions due to less traffic and congestion of vehicles at the toll gate lead to a substantial flattening of the accident curve.

    Fuel Saving

    Considerable quantity of fuel could be saved for future as the vehicle idling, acceleration and deceleration are reduced. It will reflect on the maintenance cost of the vehicles.

    Enhanced Money Handling

    As the ETC system is designed for cashless operation, it eliminates difficulties associated with cash handling. It also enhances the audit control by centralized user accounts.

    Payment Flexibility

    Travellers are disengaged to carry and apprehend cash in the electronic toll system. It eases the commuters to pay toll charges by cards without any hassle if they maintain an account for ETC.

    Congestion Discount

    ETC made a hike in the toll transactions to a massive number. This smart system allows all vehicles to pass without stopping at the gate, minimising the traffic and eliminating long queues, hence scaling the average waiting time down.

    Enhanced Data Pool

    Daily vehicle count with time and date can be obtained.

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    Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.

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