• RFID Warehouse Inventory Management

    RFID Warehouse Inventory Management

    ACUBE RFID Warehouse Inventory Management Solution

    ACUBE RFID warehouse inventory management system streamlines and automates all operations within a warehouse by sidelining entire human interventions. RFID inventory management system is designed with the potential needed to label the core issues confronting warehouse-related professionals and supply chain systems. RFID inventory system itself found to be more advantageous to organizations as it helps in improving data accuracy and speed of the warehouse operations significantly by minimizing the labor cost, problems associated with paper works. Enhanced control over warehouse activities with ease in generating instant inventory reports can be achievable by utilizing ACUBE RFID-based warehouse management systems.

    RFID warehouse tracking adopts modern RFID technology fueled by ACUBE RFID warehouse solutions are capable of communicating with specially designed RFID tags being mounted on shelves, pallets, inventories in entry and exit points in a warehouse. These RFID tags are carefully designed to virtually beat errors associated with manual data collection assuring great accuracy. Warehouse and supply chain operations are required to collect precise and real-time item identification by using RFID tags which can wirelessly broadcast inventory details and location.

    Solution Provides:-
    ● Great visibility of accurate real-time information besides status updates of customer requests, manufacturing orders, and receipts.
    ● Able to communicate with workers based on certain preset instructions and data analysis eases in employee allocation as per operator potential, task schedules, and priority queue.
    ● Regulates shrinkage with secure product-wise tracking lets items move only after individual validation.
    ● Forecast purchase by ensuring quality.
    ● Possibility to identify losses.
    ● Can strategically plan inventory location.
    Warehouse management activities are the key operations of any product and service-oriented establishment which emphasizes customer satisfaction as it can generate quick inventory and accurate data for shipments with a single mouse click. ACUBE RFID warehouse tracking system is one of the influential RFID system warehouse solutions ideal for distribution centers and manufacturing workshops.

    ACUBE RFID for warehouse management transforms the warehousing business into a new dimension by which supply chain operations would be streamlined with enhanced employee yield. With ACUBE RFID-based warehouse management system, errorless warehousing operations can easily be achieved by eliminating damage in order fulfilling, stacking, and logistics to help any business to be successful.

    Your warehousing business can be entitled to unique logistics prescience by identifying and collecting real-time asset location within a warehouse and transit framework on the implementation of the ACUBE RFID inventory system. The internal efficiency and performance would be improved by the vital information generated as a result of transparent operations.

    It is a tough job to manage an accurate inventory data flow manually as it could be costly trouble for firms encountered with hefty, error-prone processes that may result in huge operational capital, excess inventory, and inefficient storage space usage. These common difficulties associated with warehousing can easily be avoided by making use of the ACUBE RFID warehouse management system.


    99.9% inventory data accuracy is viable by eliminating tedious and strenuous manual audits into an agile and simple process with the deployment of the ACUBE RFID inventory management system. Every product location detail would instantly and correctly be monitored in real-time at your fingertips after integrating our superior quality ACUBE RFID warehouse tracking software. Highly precise stock information can be attained by ACUBE RFID for warehouse management and it helps streamline the inbound/outbound operations management by accurate monitoring when any cargo moves in or out of the warehouse.


    ACUBE RFID-based warehouse management system substantially saves time on every operation, inventory spot, and identification by abolishing unwanted processes like barcode reading. Since our scalable and customizable RFID-based warehouse management system is entirely transparent in its inventory process right from order fulfillment to shipping. We ACUBE is capable of delivering accurate data by holding this system transparency to help you to access data at any point in time. ACUBE RFID for warehouse management delivers all the essential information which plays a key part in the persistence and sustainability of both employees and employers.


    How does ACUBE WIMS work?

    Usually, RFID readers are deployed within warehouses and other key areas like ingress and egress points. Each cargo is tagged with high-quality RFID tags that can be authorized by an RFID reader. All the vital information relating to each RFID tag is recorded in a central computer before transmitting it into the database. RFID reader registers in the system when an inventory moves in or out of the warehouse.


    ACUBE RFID warehouse tracking application is connected to the database where each inventory movement is registered. Entity framework and RFID scanner API are included in the tracking system. ACUBE  WIMS can instantly report to the system software when it detects a missing tag. As RFID doesn’t require a line of sight, data from multiple readers can instantly and simultaneously be computed with a predefined period for buffering.


    ACUBE, a UAE-based warehouse management solution provider with immense industry expertise in retail/wholesale, distribution, manufacturing warehousing, etc. can guide you with best practice warehouse tracking for better customer service.




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    Benefits And Features

    Reduced labor costs by limiting the manpower needed for warehousing and tracking.

    RFID automates GRN, inventory inward, and inventory transfer.

    Advanced data capture technology improves visibility across logistics, provides proof of returned item’s condition, and eliminates customer disputes.

    Sturdy builds help minimize damage thereby more durability.

    Too quick RFID stock management.

    Minimizes time consumed in manual inventory audit.

    Improved staff productiveness with reduced order entry errors.

    Enhanced staff allotment in every area within a warehouse.

    Creates a safer workplace with controlled on-site accidents.

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